What is it?for cultural & industrial improvement of sport climbing.

What Is OnlineObservation?

Online Observation
  • 1The Online Bouldering Library of Observation and Watching betas.
  • 2Of course, climbers browse past problem, but more than, use of routesetters as libraries, and Conscious of operation as media targeting PR effect of climbing gym.
  • 3Furthermore, by taking advantage of the characteristic that it is possible to observe the wall with online,
    It is also used as a tool that can observe wall from a distances (ex. 2nd floor seats,bad angles,TV broadcasts)

Contents of OnlineObservation

  • 3D Scanned Problems, Walls
    3D Model Running on PC, mobile.
    with Touch,You can freely determine the angle.Start hold, goal hold, as well as explanations are given so that you can understand the problem without having to do it yourself.
    3D Scanned Problems, Walls
    View sample
  • Beta videos
    Beta videos of 3D scanned problem.
    which is often seen in Instagram etc.
    By switching the 3D scan of the assignment from the same angle to the real scene, You can watch the move with immersive feeling just like virtual reality.
    Beta videos
    View sample
  • Feature Contents
    We will introduce the above contents with theme-based lineup.
    Feature Contents

OnlineObservation for everyone

  • For RouteSetter
    Use of problem library. we should archive it in the future, because it is not long there like a real rock.
  • For Gyms
    We announce online problems and want to arrange the flow until visitors such as “Want to go to this gym because there are interesting problems”.
  • For Promoters
    People watching at home, people watching at the second floor seat, audience seats with bad angles, etc.
    Can be used as observation tools at hand.
    You will be able to watch in the fixed state zoomed in the place you want to observe & Comment.
  • For Climbers
    “How can I become stronger?“ We would like to support this question which everyone has.
    By seeing that Betas of problem ,Understand what is missing, what can not do, and support improvement of skills.

How to make and publish content?

  • 1Shoot your beta with the problem you want to send.

    At first, shoot your beta.You know sometimes problems can not be sent.

  • 2Shoot photos of the problem sent one for 3D scanning.

    After send,Shoot photos for 3D Scanning.

    For detail, see [How to make it].

  • 3Post captured data via website.

    After shooting, Post your data from [Post the Problem].

  • 43D modeling / editing / publishing at headquarters

    We will apply the data posted to the 3D scanning system.and make it 3D model.
    After that, edit with the video, and publishes it on the website. After that, you can embed & download these.

Detail is here
  • 3D scan, movie shooting can be done with smartphone.
  • It is possible to shoot even within the opening hours of the gym, but avoid crowds so as not to cause inconvenience.

Operating company

  • Company name
    Arque Inc (http://arque.jp/)
  • Address

Fell free to contact us any project with us.



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