How to make it?


OnlineObservation provides a service that converts data posted by users to 3D model & synthesized video (application is under development)

Gym is the place to climb. Avoid crowds so as not to inconvenience.
3D scanning, movie shooting can be done with smartphone. We recommend a smartphone with high performance camera function.

1Shoot your beta with the problem you want to send.

  • When posting to SNS, it is preferable for less than 1 minute,
    so please take a picture that can be dropped in 40 to 50 seconds.
    Shoot your beta with the problem 01
  • Avoid limit grade as much as possible,
    please do with problems that can climb beautifully.
    Shoot your beta with the problem 02
  • Take care with shooting so that camera shake does not become a terrible.
    Shoot your beta with the problem 03
Operation team settings(iPhone7)
  • Video shooting ...
  • Slow motion shooting ...
  • ※4K image quality is unnecessary.

2Shoot photos of the problem sent one for 3D scanning.

  • It depends on the size of the wall,
    but it will be completed in 4 ~ 20 shots.
    3D scanning 01
  • Please shoot at 1 or 2 angles of crouching or looking up.
    3D scanning 02
  • Regardless of the shape of the wall,
    please shoot from 3 to 5 directions in a way that wraps around the problem.
    3D scanning 03
  • ※You can not use out-of-focus, shaky hands.
  • ※When you cancel automatic adjustment of brightness, you can shoot beautifully.
Operation team settings(iPhone7)
  • HDR shooting ...
  • LIVE shooting ...
  • Grid ...
    ON(Tilt and sizes are automatically adjusted by our system)
  • Exposure ...
    Fixed (Fixed when long pressed where you want to fix)
  • ※Scanning may fail if it is too bright, please be careful.

3Examples of shoot

4Post data via website

From "Post the problem", fill in the gym and grade information and post the data you shot.
You can also fill in information such as hold and setter, impression etc.

When It's published, We will send you an e-mail about 3D model and synthetic video embed & download method.

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