OnlineObservationPrivacy Policy

Enacted October 1st, 2017
Arque Inc.

The OnlineObservation Privacy Policy shown here(the "Privacy Policy")set forth the policy for the proper handling of information of users (the “User(s)”) of the web service and application software OnlineObservation provided by Arque Inc. (the “Service”), which the Company acquires through the Service.

1. Definition

  • 1.“Personal Information” in this Privacy Policy means that information, defined by the Japanese Act on the Protection of Personal Information (the “Act”), relating to a living individual which falls under any of each following item:
    • (1)those containing a name, date of birth, or other descriptions etc. defined by item (i) of paragraph 1 of Article 2 of the Act whereby a specific individual can be identified (including those which can be readily collated with other information and thereby identify a specific individual)
    • (2)those containing an individual identification code defined by item (ii) of paragraph 2 of the Article 2 of the Act

2. Information Acquired and the Purpose of Use

  • 1.When providing the Service, the Company may acquire the information of User(s) (the “User Information”) stipulated in the below items in the Table 1, to utilize for the purposes stipulated in the below items, from Users or may acquire such information in the future.
  • 2.In order to measure the usage frequency of the Service in order to make improvements, etc. to this Service, the Company collects anonymous traffic data by using third parties’ measuring tools such as Google Analytics, etc. Individual Users cannot be identified through such collection. About the information with the tools such as Google Analytics, etc. collect and handling policies of the information, please refer to privacy policies of each company offering the tools.
User Information Acquisition timing Purpose of use
(1) User's email address, authentication information and photos of User’s account on Facebook and Twitter, User’s nickname, password. When applying to register as a User of the Service
When logging in the Service
  • To register as a User of the Service
  • To provide the Service to the Users
(2) User's gender, Birth date, age, height, weight, reach, information about User’s account on Instagram When registering User’s profile on the Service In order to display User’s profile on the Service
(3) User’s name, email address When making an enquiry relating to the Service In order to respond to the enquiries
(4) Cookies relating to the User's usage of the Service When using the Service
  • To improve convenience such as storing User's settings, etc.
  • To maintain, protect sessions, etc.
  • To promote smooth usage of the Service by ascertaining the frequency of usage and type of usage relating to the User.
(5) IP address used when User’s computer connects to the Internet, Information on individual identification of mobile terminals When using the Service In order to improve or enhance the Service

3. The Provision to Third Parties

The Company will not provide third parties with User information that is deemed to be Personal Information, except in the following instances:

  • (1)If the User’s consent has been obtained in advance
  • (2)If required to do so by law, ordinance or order etc.(hereinafter referred to as simply the “law”)
  • (3)If necessary to protect a person’s life, physical state or property, and it is difficult to obtain the User’s consent
  • (4)If particularly necessary to improve public hygiene or promote the healthy development of children, and it is difficult to obtain the User’s consent
  • (5)If there is a need to cooperate with a state/governmental institution, regional public organization or parties authorized by such institutions to fulfill duties stipulated by law and there is a risk that obtaining the User’s consent would interfere with the fulfillment of such duties
  • (6)If the Company’s business is assigned through a business transfer, etc

4. Disclosure, Corrections, etc.

  • 1.Users can request the Company to disclose the Personal Information the Company possesses by completing procedures specified separately by the Company. However, this may not apply in the following circumstances:
    • (1)Unable to confirm that the User themselves is making the request
    • (2)There is a risk of adversely impacting the life, physical being, property or other rights/interests of the User themselves or a third party
    • (3)There is a risk of significantly hindering the appropriate implementation of the Company’s operations
    • (4)The disclosure violates other laws
  • 2.If the Company possesses Personal Information of the User that is not factual, the User may request that such Personal Information be corrected, added or deleted (“correct”) by completing procedures specified separately by the Company. In such cases, the Company shall conduct any necessary investigation without delay and correct such Personal Information, to the extent where necessary in order to fulfill the purpose of use relating to such Personal Information.
  • 3.Regarding the disclosure procedures stipulated in Section 1, to the extent necessary to confirm that the User themselves is requesting disclosure of the Personal Information, the Company may require the User to submit a copy of their documentation, etc. as proof of identity.
  • 4.With respect to the procedures stipulated in this section, the Company may separately request the payment of procedural cost to the User based on the criteria prescribed by the Company.

5. Personal Information Necessary for Maintaining Users’ Account, etc.

This Service is not available to Users who do not consent to providing Personal Information, such as an email address and other information essential to using the Service and maintaining User accounts in the Service.

6. Deleting Accounts in this Service

If the User deletes its account in the Service, the Company will appropriately process such User’s user information in accordance with the OnlineObservation Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy.

7. Amendment

The Privacy Policy is subject to revision. When revisions are undertaken, the Company will display the revised version of the Privacy Policy through a method designated separately by the Company and notify Users of the revisions through a method designated by the Company.

8. Enquiries

Please direct enquiries regarding the Privacy Policy to the email address shown below


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